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Panduit® VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester

Panduit VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester automates the absence of voltage verification process, simplifying the test to validate the absence of voltage on electrical equipment. Absence of voltage testers are permanently-mounted test devices designed to verify that a circuit is de-energized prior to opening an electrical enclosure containing electrical conductors and circuit parts.

Once the tester is installed, qualified electrical workers can verify absence of voltage with the push of a button. An active indication confirms the absence of voltage. Panduit VeriSafe testet allows for safe, reliable, and efficient verification before a user accesses potentially dangerous electrical equipment. The tester performs this function in a fraction of the time required by hand-held portable test instruments.

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Turning Electrical Infrastructure Into a Strategic Asset


VeriSafe is the first-of-its-kind voltage tester that determines the absence of voltage with just a push of a button. This revolutionary 2018 NFPA 70E compliant product automates the required six-step testing process in about ten seconds, enabling your plant to operate faster, safer, and more efficiently. Simplify safety with the superior technology of VeriSafe.


  • Improved Safety & Risk Reduction
    • Determines voltage status before equipment is accessed
    • Prevents direct exposure to electrical hazards
  • Increased Productivity
    • Easy to use, initiates test with push of a button
    • No additional tools required
    • Provides visual alert to abnormal power conditions
  • Simplified Process for Easier Compliance
    • Automated test sequence based on steps in NFPA 70E for verification of electrically safe work condition
    • Automated test helps reduce operator errors
  • Reliable Results
    • Fail-safe design with active indications
    • Safety functions meet SIL 3 per IEC 61508-1
  • Flexible Applications
    • Install on line or load side of electrical disconnect
    • Detects absence of AC and DC voltage


Three-phase circuits up to 600V

Verisafe Absence of Voltage Tester

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